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Roof Restoration

Often neglected when it comes to home maintenance, a slightly leaking or damaged roof can become hazardous without the correct maintenance.

A damaged roof or roof leak can weaken the entire structure and, if undetected, can cause other expensive-to-fix problems like electrical, insulation and plaster issues. It is also worth noting that poor roof maintenance can even void home and contents insurance in the event of some claims.

A roof restoration by NSW Roof Restorations will eliminate these hazards and ensure your home and assets are protected from the elements. We are the leading company in this industry, with over twenty five (25) years experience.

Our roof restoration services come backed with an industry leading 12 year guarantee.

Tiled roof before roof restoration

Before roof restoration

Tiled roof after roof restoration

After roof restoration

The Nutech Roof Coatings system includes specially formulated primers, sealers and top coats for a wide range of roof surfaces including –

Master Sealer
Filler/sealer for rough concrete roof tiles
Premium penetrating primer for powdery tiles with nano technology
Thin penetrative primer for oxidised, powdery roof tiles
GP Primer
High-build primer for rough tile surfaces
Strength additive for pointing and bedding mortar
Moss, lichen, fungus and mould treatment
Metal Primer
Anti-corrosion primer for metal and galvanised steel sheeting
Elastomeric Flexible Membrane
Flexible membrane for asphalt and non-stable surfaces
Asphalt Primer
Non-bleed primer for asphalt shingles and sheet
Clear and pigmented glaze for unglazed terracotta tiles
Accopol 847®
Solvent based 100% Acrylic roof coating
100% Acrylic coating for roof tiles, metal, asbestos and cement sheeting
Tileflex 2000®
Premium 100% Acrylic coating enhanced with surface cleaning nano technology for roof tiles, metal, asbestos and cement sheeting
NXT Cool Zone®
100% Acrylic heat reflecting roof coating enhanced with nano surface cleaning technology
Shingle Prep
Timber shingle and shake cleaner
Shingle Nano Prime
Primer for timber shingles and shakes
Shingle Coat
Protective waterproofing coating to enhance the natural timber appearance

For flexibility and durability, on time, every time, contact NSW Roof Restorations.